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John Kerkhoven

Photo: Sharon Cheema


I am fortunate to play with some very fine musicians.

I play with Patrick Hutchinson in the blues-Celtic duo BluesReel and with Paul Serralheiro, Eloi Bertholet and Stephen Barry in the jazz-blues formation Mojo Vipers. I also play country blues with Deacon George.

I have performed with Clarksdale Moan, Jitterbug Swing, Pat Loiselle, Gilles Losier, Emily Rose, and many others on the folk, roots and blues scene in Montreal.

From time to time I perform Solo.


Photo: PlanèteCastor

BluesReel: Blues and Celtic Grooves

A contemporary harmonica-guitar duo in the folk tradition, BluesReel performs songs and tunes, old and new, from both sides of the Atlantic. A bunch we wrote ourselves.

John Kerkhoven, harmonica
Patrick Hutchinson, guitar

In 2016, we released our CD, Riverfield.

To find out about our upcoming shows, please visit our Web site:

Mojo Vipers: Bluesy-jazz and jazzy-blues

The Mojo Vipers is a blues band and a jazz ensemble rolled into one.

We perform blues and jazz classics by Louis Jordan, Nina Simone, Charles Mingus, Mose Alison, Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon, T-Bone Walker and more, as well as original compositions.

John Kerkhoven (h) / Paul Serralheiro (g) / Stephen Barry (b) / Eloi Bertholet (d)
(Aron Glazer on drums in the photo)

Brother John and Deacon George

John Kerkhoven and Deacon George: Country Blues

Deacon George and John Kerkhoven both sing from the same hymnbook: the blues, with its roots in the Black rural experience of the post-Reconstruction Era in America.

Playing blues from Mississippi, Georgia, the Carolinas, Texas and beyond, John and George take no prisoners in their high-energy and wide-ranging performances.

John Kerkhoven, harmonica
George Toufexis, guitar

John Kerkhoven

Photo: PlanèteCastor

John Kerkhoven Solo

I cut my teeth playing solo in the metro, belting out my songs a cappella and playing harp through a small practice amp with blues and reverb settings.

I play both amplified and acoustic harp in my shows. I play blues and folk and jazz. I sing. I play arrangements of pre-war blues and folk tunes, as well as original compositions.

John Kerkhoven, vox and harmonica, guitar and other tools of the trade.